Mobilians on Bikes promotes the utilitarian use of cycling for all Mobilians. How do we do this? By gathering together, putting our butts on bikes, and pedaling around town. We are neighbors and friends that believe bikes make our community and neighborhoods better places to live.

MOB members (MOBsters) get together to celebrate active living, community connectivity, friendship, and of course, the joy of riding a bike. No matter your age, ability, or the type of bike you have, MOB has a ride for you. From slow, pedestrian style bicycle strolls, to fast paced workout rides, to goofy costume rides, one of our diverse selection of socially focused rides is sure to win you over.

Presently MOBsters participate in several rides throughout the week. We ride AS TRAFFIC and NOT AGAINST it, with each rider personally responsible for their own decision making, safety, and knowledge of the rules for riding on public roads. Each participant will be riding on public streets with auto traffic and other bike riders of various bike riding experiences and abilities. Participants are advised that they ride at their own risk, the rides carry no insurance, and there is no corporation involved to have insurance.

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