Tweed Ride 2013

Mobile Tweed Bicycle Ride

January 19, 2013, 12:45pm – Cream and Sugar
Are you a dashing chap or a sassy lass? Well then, it’s time to don your tweed and mount your two-wheeled steed. Join Mobilians on Bikes for a ride of the most casual and sophisticated nature. This event shall be dedicated to leisure, sophistication, friendship and merriment, so get ready for a most pleasurable bicycle ride through some of the historic and lovely parts of our fair city, a wonderful moving pictures show, and a cold pint of beer afterwards. Details below…

Dress: Tweed, woolens, knickers, argyle, fancy moustaches, lovely chapeaux and any clothing that harks of a bygone era

Velocipede: Any and all human powered machines

Sally Forth: 12:45pm from Cream and Sugar Cafe

Midway: 2pm moving pictures show at the Crescent Theatre

Finale: 5pm pints at Callaghan’s Irish Social Club

Awards for best dressed gentleman and lady, most marvelous moustache, and the loveliest chapeau.

Please post inquiries on the event wall:

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